Gourmet Dining Brand Review: Shrimp Fried Rice

My husband and I are Boy Scout volunteers. Some evenings we have very little time for cooking after work. While doing our grocery shopping we look for quick and easy meal ideas that we could try a couple times a week. On our last trip we found the Gourmet Dining Shrimp Fried Rice in the freezer section. On the left hand corner of the package are the words “Freezer to Fork in Minutes”. The bottom front of the package reads “Complete Skillet Meal with Shrimp, Rice, Vegetables with Egg and Gourmet Teriyaki Sauce”. All this and it touts it is 98% Fat Free, I was sold. As we both like oriental food we thought we’d give it a try. Tonight I prepared the meal and it was fantastic. The instructions are simple and easy. The back of the packaging contains both stovetop and microwave instructions. I prepared the meal using the stovetop instructions.

Upon opening the package I found three separate plastic bags. One contained the sauce, one contained the shrimp and another larger bag contained the rice and vegetables. Upon first inspection I thought the meal also contained pineapple. I was wrong; the bright yellow bits are the egg. To prepare the meal all I had to do was the following:

Step One: Thaw the unopened sauce packet under hot running water. The instructions contain DO NOT THAW IN MICROWAVE in big bold capital letters. So I put the sauce packet into a pan of hot water and let the water run slowly over it. While the sauce was thawing I pre-heated a large skillet on the stove over medium-high heat and sprayed it good with Pam cooking spray. The instructions called for one tablespoon of oil or a nonstick cooking spray as I used. I then opened and added the shrimp into the pan and cooked for 2 minutes stirring frequently. I checked the sauce before going on to step two and as it was almost thawed I placed it back into the pan of hot water and turned the water off. I should of probably used my friends rice cooker.

Step Two: The instructions are to remove excess liquid and as there was no excess liquid in the skillet I was able to add the rice and vegetable blend as instructions called for. Stirring frequently I heated this mixture for 5 minutes. I wondered how the rice would cook without adding moisture but soon realized the moisture in the frozen vegetables was all that was needed to cook the rice. There were plenty of Sugar Snap Peas and tiny bits of carrots, onion and egg in the blend. Once I was happy with the tender crisp quality of the Sugar snap peas and carrots I was ready to go on to…

Step Three: I stirred in the gourmet teriyaki sauce and the meal was ready for our plates.

From start to finish it took 10 minutes to prepare this delicious shrimp fried rice meal. The packaging lists servings per container as 3 to 4. As my husband and I have healthy appetites we were able to eat and have just enough leftover for a light lunch for one of us the next day. I enjoyed the sweet crunchy taste of the sugar snap peas and my husband liked the mild heat felt after swallowing. He thought maybe there would be wasabi listed in the ingredients but the package does not list wasabi. Soy sauce, pepper, garlic and “spices” are what gives the sauce its gourmet taste. I could taste the soy sauce right off and then caught the hint of garlic.

When my husband said “this is a keeper”, I knew I had found a quick and easy meal that he would eat if I prepared another time. He did suggest, however, that a spring roll or egg roll each would be a nice addition to the meal. I do agree with that. This meal would be good for a single person that likes leftovers or a couple with hearty appetites. If it was prepared as a side dish to another main course it would serve 4 but I don’t think so otherwise. If you like fried rice do pick up Gourmet Dining’s Shrimp Fried Rice on your nest shopping trip, you’ll find it in the freezer section.

Sharkoon FireGlider Gaming Mouse Review

Today we want to take a closer look at the Sharkoon FireGlider 3600 DPI mouse. Sharkoon produces a host of different PC peripherals from keyboards to headsets. They originate from Germany and although they’re not a household name like TheTechInsider.Org or Razer, they have an impressive product lineup. This laser gaming mouse promises to impress even the most demanding gamers. It is about half the price of a lot of gaming mice on the market today. We will see how its performance compares.
Inside the packaged box, Sharkoon has thoughtfully included a carrying bag for the mouse. It is not very ergonomic but should stop the mouse from getting scratched while being transported. In this special bag we find a set of driver CDs and two sets of replacement Teflon feet. All the weights included come preinstalled in a small cradle at the base of the mouse. Although the cradle itself is easy to remove from the mouse, it’s difficult to remove the weights from the cradle without using a small screwdriver to push them out.

Now the first thing you’ll notice when gripping the FireGlider is its size. It seems much larger than any mice we have ever used. On closer comparison with other gaming mice, it would seem that this is due to its width rather than its length. The ergonomics of the FireGlider seem to have been designed as an ambidextrous mouse as it is well shaped for use with both hands. For right hand users, there is a nice big thumb grip on the side of the mouse that is strategically placed to provide a sure and comfortable grip. The mouse is more ergonomically suited to those who adopt to palm gripping as it is wide.

The surface of the FireGlider is designed in a black plastic and matte while the top of the mouse and the buttons on the mouse are finished with a glossy texture. This glossy texture appears to be painted on with graphical patterns that represent red and orange fire for cool look that appeals to those with an edgy taste. It certainly makes it stand out from the crowd but some might find it a little too much.

The FireGlider surpasses our expectations for a gaming mouse at this price. The plastics are of high quality and have been assembled very well compared to other mice. The USB connector is covered in gold plating. The buttons in general have good clicking action, although we have found that if you press the left mouse button too far to the right it makes a slightly unpleasant scratching sound. It is a minor convenience that could be a rare defect in some of the batches produced that you might get when buying the mouse. A simple placement of your finger to the center of the button should remedy this.

As with any gaming mouse these days, the FireGlider comes with a comprehensive software package. All of the configurations can be set from one main page and when you’re done, the settings are saved on the FireGlider’s built in memory for settings retention when using the mouse on different computers. DPI settings can be switched in game via a button on the mouse and also selected on the driver software. Each of these DPI levels is identified by a color or a combination of colors so you will always know which one you’re using. The DPI levels cannot be fine tuned but you can choose between six out of nine predefined settings in the driver software.

All of the buttons can be custom assigned, excluding the right and middle wheel click buttons. There are a vast majority of predefined settings and options in the software including those for popular games including macros. There is a mouse gestures feature which allows 16 different functions that are activated by holding a button on the mouse. This would not be recommended for scrolling as it would only scroll one line for each gesture therefore taking a long time to scroll a full page.

To test the mouse more effectively, we used a SteelSeries cloth surface and a Razer silicone surface. The mouse performed well on both surfaces while gaming with precision. On the cloth surface, the gliding of the mice isn’t quite as effortless as other gaming mice such as the SteelSeeries Ikari or Razer Mamba. There is a double clicking issue when playing FPS games but Sharkoon recommends using the mouse with harder surfaces instead of softer cloth surfaces when playing FPS games. These issues aside, the FireGlider is a great gaming mouse for its price range.

The Great Benefits of a Fruit Juicer

If you have never used before or owned a juicer, could be that you simply do not know what a juicer can do for you? You may not know or did not realize the benefits that will you get from making your own juice. There are so many benefits that you get from using a fruit juicer, but we will only touch on some of the most important ones, more detailed information can be seen in juicer reviews. One advantage is that a mixer provides a quick way of vitamins and naturally without the use of supplements. With fresh fruit and vegetables in your recipes, your drink will be 100% natural. And when it comes to recipes, the only thing that limits what you can do is your imagination. Now we want to carry on our first glance.

Are you using the multi-vitamins in the morning, because you are too fast to have eaten real terms? Then juice is the answer. In just a few moments, you can drive a wedge healthy drink full of antioxidants and vitamins. And it is more filling and much better tasting than a vitamin, too! Now you can buy juice in the bottles at the store, of course, but that would not only very expensive, but the nutrition is not optimal. This can be checked at the label on the bottle and having all the ingredients that are not 100% juice. What about the overload of sugar in commercial juices? You do not have to worry about this problem when you use fresh fruit in your fruit juicer.

Another thing that you do not have to worry about is how fresh your juice. Manufactured juice contains all kinds of preservatives to prevent spoiled by an artificially extended period. If you use a juicer, you do not know exactly how fresh it is. In fact, once you’ve done, you can help yourself with a glass of juice cooler than you.

A problem may buy their juice is, that while the appearance that it displays a large selection in store, a closer look, that the juice is just the same, but with different packaging. How often can “blend of passion,” without becoming ill drink it? When making your own, you can make things interesting for all that you want to put in the mix.

Today, they are really limited only by your own creativity when pressed. Everything is possible and, ultimately, there are no rules – requires only your personal taste, to keep them happy, not the masses. Sure (there are only a few good recipes and good taste, and you can find them online, in cookbooks, or the documents that will come within the squeezer field), but that does not mean you have to through what the recipe says, the whole time.
So now you know what you can do a juicer for you, why are you still reading this? The sooner you have a juicer, the faster you can realize the full benefits.