St Mary’s Infant School Governing Body

The following was discussed and agreed at a governing body workshop on October 11th 2011. The Vision was reviewed on the 30th of April 2013 but the Objectives are reviewed annually. The last review date of the Objectives was on the 19th of November 2013.


To be an informed and outward looking governing body which understands and serves its local community, and works closely to support the embedded Christian values of the school in a happy learning environment, where all children fulfil their potential.


  • To work towards closer collaboration with local schools, particularly St Peter’s.
  • To explore all avenues available in the pursuit of a single site primary school in Marlborough.
  • To ensure continuity and breadth of skills within the governing body by good succession planning.
  • To be rigorous with financial planning to ensure that diminishing financial resources have as small an impact as possible.
  • To develop and participate in a programme of classroom visits both formal and informal, enabling a closer relationship between staff and governors.
  • To maximise the benefits of new technology, not only in the work of the FGB but equally to support the school maximise these benefits.
  • To utilise all manner of training, including formal workshops, online and informal networking, ensuring that the governing body is well informed.
  • To ensure that the governing body is familiar to the whole school community, including staff, parents and children by attending school council meetings, parents coffee mornings etc. and by presenting the governors via the noticeboard, website and newsletters.