St Mary's School Council

St Mary's School Council has been running for many years and our achievements have grown each year. At our monthly meetings we decide what we can do to improve our school and its grounds.

We don’t just decide ourselves what to do, our friends in class let us know their ideas and suggestions too. Each class has a suggestion box that children can pop their ideas in or they can just come and tell us any ideas they may have.

The School Council are elected by their classmates. All the children are invited to talk to the rest of the class and explain why they would be the right person for the job and how they could represent the class on the School Council.

Our current School Council members are:

  • Year 2: Galaxy - Freddie O'Shaughnessy and Zoe Lively-Brown
  • Year 2 : Sunworld - Arthur Sharman and Rachel Darby
  • Year 1: Moonworld - Eden Sanders and Tyler Hiscock
  • Year 1: Skyworld - Dakota Pitt and Henry Mann
  • CNRB: Starbase -

At the moment the School Council are working on making our school more Eco Friendly.


Joint School Council Meetings

As part of the Marlborough Area Education Partnership, or MAEP, the School Councils of all the partner schools meet two or three times a year at one of the MAEP Schools. Our last meeting was at St Mary's when we looked at Art across the schools and took part in a practical activity to design and make a white horse to match the logo on the MAEP badge. /wilts/primary/stmarys/arenas/website/web/maeplogoaubergine.jpg

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