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We love to paint pictures and it helps with our motor skills too!




Water play

Playing in the water is good for our physical development as we use all the muscles in our arms when we are pouring and squeezing sponges.




Using our digging pit

We have a large digging pit in the garden and we enjoy playing in here a lot!  We are developing a mud kitchen as well so watch this space for photos...



We like to write everywhere, lots of it outside!



IMG_0423009 (3)

We used vegetable peelers to peel the vegetables we had brought from home.

012 (2)

We put our chopped pieces into a big pot that was hanging over a fire.

023 (2)028 (3)039

Role Play

Our role play area changes each topic, here we are busy writing our shopping lists and going to the shops to buy our food.



014 (2)

Practising fine motor control

We have been practising our fine motor control in many different ways.  Here we are hammering golf tees into melons!





Role play outside

Here we are in our garden house doing some building work.





Outdoor Learning

As part of our food topic we made a whole school pot of vegetable soup!

010 (3)

We learnt to safely use knives to chop the vegetables up into pieces.



We all got to try some of our soup after it was cooked. Yummy!