Physical Education Funding

In the academic year 2013–2014 St Mary’s received £8,025 to improve provision of PE across the school. A range of measures were put into place as seen below:

  • Continued professional development
  • Team-Teaching programmes                                
  • Skipping ropes                                                     
  • PE/play equipment                                          
  • Lunchtime play leaders/sports coaches              
  • Coaches for extra-curricular sports clubs   
  • Membership to Cluster Partnership           

One of the most successful initiatives was the employment of specialist coaches to ‘team teach’ alongside the class teachers. This increased skill levels among the teaching staff and many parents commented on their child’s improved skill and fitness.        

P.E. is a very important part of our school curriculum and has become a high priority due to the P.E Premium funding.

Our school curriculum ensures that the government aim for each child to have the opportunity to ‘participate’ and ‘excel’ in P.E is fulfilled.

Our aim as a school is to encourage each child to engage in regular physical activity and to ensure that they are developing their knowledge and skills through a range of activities.

We have been using the premium money in variety of ways to enhance the experiences of all children and the quality of sports and PE throughout the school.


We have employed SSP sports in Team-Teaching programmes running from January until July. This has up-skilled the teachers and increased their confidence in the planning and delivery of gymnastics and athletics. The children have received high quality teaching from specialist coaches in these areas and have all shown increased skills. (a team-teaching programme has been planned for Spring Term 2015 to cover dance).

Twilight sessions have been led by the PE co-ordinator on the planning and delivery of Dance units. The Early Years co-ordinator has received training on Physical Literacy in the EYFS.

The PE co-ordinator has continued to receive training.

Whole-School Skipping Initiative.

Every child in the school was given a skipping rope and we ran a whole-school initiative to teach each child basic skips. The children were set challenges and this proved very successful in engaging the children in physical activity.


Lunchtime Play leaders

We have employed qualified coaches to engage the children in activities to increase fundamental Skills during lunchtime sessions. (small team games, obstacle courses, balls skills etc).

We have purchased an interesting selection of equipment to encourage the children to play in a more active and positive way, for example, hoops, cheer-leading pom-poms, skipping equipment etc….

We also ran a weekly dance session on a Friday lunchtime which proved hugely successful in engaging the children to ‘get physical’!


Festivals and Workshops

The children have taken part in Orienteering workshop and Fundamental Skill Festival, delivered by St John’s through the PE partnership.

We have run a morning of Sports, using outside coaches to deliver sessions on Dance and more unusual sports, such as Ultimate Frisbee.

A group of children took part in the Marlborough Area Dance Festival, which was an amazing experience.

Additional Coaching

We have employed a sports coach to run a weekly intervention programmes for children who have been highlighted as needing some additional support for their physical development.


We are continually updating and replacing PE equipment and playtime resources to ensure they are of a good quality and provide a variety of experiences.

We have purchased teaching resources for teaching Dance and Gymnastics.