MAEP - The Marlborough Area Education Partnership

At St. Mary's we are proudly a part of The MAEP

The Marlborough Area Education Partnership is a learning community which aims for excellence in all we do and believes that together we achieve great things. We are a partnership of 5 primary schools and the local secondary school based in and around the thriving market town of Marlborough.

By working together we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of teaching and learning across the partnership. We provide welcoming, stimulating learning environments in which everyone is valued as an individual and is supported and challenged to develop their full potential.

Within the strong family ethos, moral code and Christian values embedded in our schools, children and young people are taught to appreciate the world in which we live and respect others as well as themselves. Our students become resilient, responsible and enthusiastic learners who are able to express themselves freely knowing they are a valued part of a wider community.

The partnership is committed to the development of an all through curriculum that is innovative, creative and rich in culture. Children and young people have opportunities to experience new challenges in academic, extracurricular and social activities so they develop the skills for life, for participation in a global community and a love of learning for its own sake.

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